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CAPTURE LINK USB2.0 Frame Grabber

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Save Time and Increase Productivity with Video Image Express with USB Capture Link Technology

Video Image Express is the one and only solution for adding a simple and easy way to capture, annotate and measure images on any Stereo Microscope, Video Inspection System, or Camera Based Optical Inspection Device. When it comes to Image Capture and Video Documentation, our unique “Live Image” capability increases work flow dramatically by providing tools designed with one word in mind “Simplicity”.

Video Measurement and Automated Inspection Systems often lack the ability to quickly document and communicate a defect or feature on a captured image. E-mail communication has give rise to the term “a picture is worth a thousand words”. “Capture Link” is image capture device which will convert any S-Video or Composite video Image into a USB 2.0 signal, thus eliminating the need for capture cards on a laptop or open slots on a desktop PC.

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